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Welcome to Africa Wellness Safaris, where Suzy Belcher, your passionate guide, merges the raw beauty of Africa with the transformative journey of wellness. Suzy is a certified Life coach and Tour guide.

Born and raised in Kenya, East Africa, Suzy enjoyed a childhood backdrop of warm, cloudless days and star-studded nights, punctuated by the distant roars of lions. Her journey, however, was as unpredictable as it was thrilling. She started her career as a make-up artist in the film industry, working on timeless classics. Then, she single-handedly built and managed Safari Camps, an endeavour that carved her path as a successful solo entrepreneur.

But Suzy didn’t stop there. She took another leap and built her hotel in South Sudan, the world’s newest country. At the same time, she established a reconstruction company for post-conflict areas in the most remote countries in the world including Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, Congo and many others. All these experiences taught her invaluable life skills and the ability to adapt rapidly to ever-changing environments.

Her mission? To show you that anything is possible. To accompany you on a journey that molds your future, stretches your potential, and helps you resonate with your soul’s true purpose.

About Africa Wellness Safaris

Here, you immerse yourself in the enchanting magic of Africa, experiencing the continent through a unique lens of wellness and discovery that transcends a traditional safari. We offer you the chance to nurture your mind, body, and soul against the backdrop of Africa’s stunning landscapes.

Imagine meditating under the infinite African sky, practicing yoga by a serene river, or exploring mindfulness amidst the whispering savannah. At Africa Wellness Safaris, we don’t just provide a safari – we offer an enriching journey of self-discovery, wellness, and unparalleled adventure.

As you Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing rhythm of Africa, every day is a unique masterpiece, a harmonious blend of adventure and self-discovery that parallels our own existence with the raw, untamed beauty of the wild.

As dawn breaks, we venture out, tracing the steps of nocturnal predators winding down their night’s hunt. We watch as the African wilderness awakens, embracing the promise of a new day with all its wonders.

Under the cooling shade of an acacia tree, a sumptuous breakfast awaits, accompanied by tales of a bygone era that ignite a deep-seated passion for this magical continent. As the day grows warmer, we retreat to a haven of wellness, designed to nurture your soul, soothe your mind, and rejuvenate your body. Here, we engage in soul-nourishing treatments and delve into self-development strategies, drawing inspiration from the morning’s journey and integrating them into our daily lives.

Once the afternoon heat subsides, we venture back into the wilderness. The setting sun casts long shadows, as day-shift animals prepare for the impending cloak of darkness, lit only by a myriad of twinkling African stars.

To conclude the day, a candle-lit dinner under the vast African sky provides the perfect ambiance for reflection. The flickering flames of a fireside chat round out the evening, where the soul is nourished through engaging conversations, shared stories, and the tranquil hum of the wild as our lullaby.

With Africa Wellness Safaris, every day is a rewarding chapter in your wellness journey – a unique blend of adventure, serenity, and personal growth set against the unparalleled backdrop of Africa’s heart-stopping beauty.”

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